Shanghai Detail Architecture Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded at the end of 2006 and constituted by a group of experienced design engineers and elites. Projects we service include high-rise buildings, stadiums, bridges, factory buildings and large thermal power plants, etc. All the design engineers have intensive technology capacity and abundant design passion. They also experienced designed projects of many areas for more than five years (some member above ten years) and accumulated plentiful experience.

  Our company establishes the quality management system (QMS for short) to manage the projects. We continuously improve QMS to get a higher quality. Successful completion of projects depends on all members’ control and attention to each step during design process. The company pursuit are timely and accurately providing solutions of project and technical support, ensuring the rationality of design, providing related service to all structures. Under the notion of efficient management, professional team, rich experience, we provide perfect site services and installation guide. The customers’ satisfaction is our responsibility. We believe that we can create a wonderful future with more friends having the same idea.

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